Finance and Insurance Courses in English in Portugal

Training Academy for the insurance and banking industry in Portugal - Courses in English


C1 Academy is an insurance academy that has innovated professional training in the insurance and finance sector in Portugal.

Finally, interesting and motivating insurance, finance and financial marketing courses in English. Dynamic courses with explanatory videos, practical examples and all the information in a clear and understandable language. This is the new way to do Continuous Professional Training in Insurance and Finance. In Portugal, we are the first and only academy to offer these insurance and finance courses in English language.



We are professionals in the insurance sector in Portugal and internationally with over 26 years’ experience and we felt that the insurance courses available were boring and grey.

We decided that it would be extraordinary to run insurance courses that, while maintaining the rigour and legal framework of the sector, are able to explore the mandatory content in a more engaging and creative way.

In addition, we offer a number of practical, real-life examples, some of them anecdotal, to help trainees better understand and retain the content.

All our courses have very interesting videos in a “storytelling” format that make the course easier to follow. We also incorporate certain new learning elements such as gamification to keep the learner interested and proactive at all times.

And we are the only and first academy in the sector to offer the courses in English, so that everyone who works or wants to work in Portugal in the financial or insurance sector has access to appropriate training.


CONTINUING AND SPECIALISED TRAINING COURSES in the Financial Sector in English in Portugal


Learn about insurance and finance in Portugal in a different way and in English

We decided to put an end to boring insurance courses and do it in a really interesting way. And to make it in a language you unsterstand perfectly: English!

We are a group of insurance professionals with international experience. C1 Academy’s technical director, Susana Wichels, PhD, has over 26 years’ experience as an insurance broker in Portugal and Spain and several years of university and professional teaching.

In addition to certified academic and professional training, all the trainers have experience in the sector.

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